Mark Morford - A little bit of bio

Mark Morford was raised by nubile long-eyelashed callipygian wood nymphs and spoon fed dark chocolate and raw pomegranate seeds and 18-year-old Scotch until he could fly. He attended Musicians Institute in Los Angeles during the mid-'80s when the denim was tight and the hair was big and Eddie Van Halen was still God. Life later spit him into the halls of U.C. Berkeley, where he investigated the pagan influences in Milton's "Paradise Lost" and discovered how Eve taught the serpent to use its tongue. He managed to graduate Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, and caveat emptor.

He has worked for magazines. He has worked in book publishing -- but they were computer books, so that doesn’t really count.

He landed at in 1997, where he soon became the lead writer and editor for the site’s main landing (home) pages, editing the site for three full years, along with creating/writing a hit underground email newsletter, called “The Morning Fix,” the irreverent/sexualized/opinionated voice of which served as the inspiration for his column.

Mark became a full-time columnist for SFGate in 2000 via a strange cocktail of sheer nerve, oddball mentors and divine cataclysm. His “Notes & Errata” column soon became a bit of a sensation, quickly rising to become one of the most popular features in the site’s history. It was invited into the print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle in the middle of 2005, where it ran in the Datebook (entertainment) section for three wonderful-but-misfit years, before being yanked back out in mid-2008 by a new editor-in-chief who considered Mark’s work too irreverent and kinky for the older, conservative print readership. Mark’s many older, kinky print readers were none too pleased at this, but what can you do.

His writing has been described as blasphemous, inspiring, lickable, transgressive and terribly verbose, self-aggrandizing bullshit -- often all in the same sentence. He has almost been fired -- twice -- for the contents of his column. He has also won first place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists' annual contest -- also twice, and been nominated for multiple GLAAD Media Awards for his outspoken support of gay rights, a fact for which he feels particularly grateful and blessed, considering how he’s relatively sure he is exceedingly straight.

Mark’s writing and freelance work has appeared in numerous publications ranging from Mother Jones to The Sun to The Bark to Yoga Journal, but not Guns & Ammo or Quilter's World, so please stop asking.

The Daring Spectacle: Adventures in Deviant Journalism, Mark’s mega-compendium of his finest and most incendiary Chronicle columns and assorted hate mail, banned pieces and related journalistic sacrilege was published in March of 2010. A second edition is in the works. His new iPhone app, Mark Morford’s APOTHECARY, was released in 2013. Get it now in the App Store. Free!

Mark has also been teaching an athletic, heart-centered style of Vinyasa yoga for more than 12 years, most currently at the Yoga Tree network of schools in San Francisco, and fully credits yoga for infusing huge doses of humility and gratitude, as well as irreverent spiritual heat, into his life and work, and for staving off the cliched journalistic tendency to become a hunched and miserable curmudgeon. He is a certified E-RYT 500 instructor and leads workshops and retreats all over, usually where it’s warm. He also created the Yoga for Writers (((Y4W))) series of workshops.

Mark believes in divine mystery, good lubricant and beautifully designed small European cars. And dogs. And wine. And trees.

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