Donald Trump’s perverted gift to the world

March 29, 2017 Originally published on SFGate

He is a severe tsunami warning. He is a giant red (well, sickly orange) flag. He is a mysterious, gnarled lump in the soft tissue, signaling horror.

He is, increasingly and for the rest of the (grateful) world, a cautionary tale writ so large as to be seen from Orion nebulae, a virus so toxic to make flowers wilt, a mangled howl so disturbing it makes nations recoil and angels reach for the opioids.

He is the Very Worst Thing That Can Happen. He is Brexit exploded into a thousand poisoned darts, the End of Democracy As We Know It, the flaming ruin of fundamental decency, American dignity, fairness, grace, kindness, trust and any hint of calm, reassuring intelligence. He is a rancid dagger to the heart’s irrepressible longing for peace.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s a good thing (if by good you mean hurling one million puppies into a live volcano to save our doomed species for about five more minutes. Which is to say: It’s a relative thing).

Could it be true? Might the moral venom Trump is injecting into the world’s bloodstream actually be of some sort of perverted benefit, some warped karmic assistance? We have some initial evidence that it just might.

Big boy drive truck!

We have, for example, radical nutball Geert Wilders, AKA the Muslim-hating “Donald Trump of the Netherlands,” losing that nation’s recent election far more dramatically than initial polls indicated (though his party still came in 2nd, and gained a number of new seats in parliament).

Here’s the initial question: Did Wilders’ deliberate association with Trump actually doom his chances for bigger majority rule? It certainly looks that way. More broadly: Might connecting yourself in any way with the Trump name/brand/toxic stew of revolting policies serve to make things far worse for you in your life, business, political ventures, dreams? Right now, it’s more than possible that even the most terrified of the world’s voters have smelled what America’s oozing, and are beginning to reverse nationalism’s hateful course. What a “gift” he is. But oh, what a price we have to pay.

He is the thing you do not want to be. He is the emetic of the world. He is what happens when you take the red pill, the blue pill and the radioactive green pill and chase it all with a shot of broken glass and death. He is a nuclear warhead of misprision and hate that never stops exploding.

We won’t have much longer to wait for more proof of his deadly effect. A far more significant test of Trump-as-emetic is coming soon in France, where Marine Le Pen, the highly educated leader of the far-right National Front, a woman who is light years more intelligent and graceful than Trump (but no less nasty and hateful in her anti-immigrant policies), is running a close second in the polls.

As pointed out in multiple places, while Le Pen admires Trump and his corrupt, Russian-swiped election victory greatly and is very much his equal in media manipulation and flagrant lies in service of gas-lighting a country, she is nothing at all like the Orange Goblin in terms of moronic bombast, paranoia, feral incompetence.

Will the Trump correlation be enough to doom her? Could it even be sufficient to slow the march of populism and xenophobia currently sweeping across much of Europe? Or does the moral colon cancer of Trumpism still require more time to thoroughly infect the entire human genome?

This much we know: It’s impossible for the developed nations of the world not to notice how quickly America is careening out of control, decaying like fireball on meth. Our downspin has sent violent shockwaves from China to Timbuktu. Every NATO ally we once had is already beefing up their own security, given how the U.S. can’t be trusted anymore to be a partner in peace.

We’re only two months in, and it’s become very easy to imagine America’s state of horrified OMG WTF helping to pump the brakes on the cruel nationalism sweeping the globe, before the entire planet devolves into, say, Florida.

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