God does not care how you feel

May 17, 2021 Originally published on Rapture Machine

Does that sound too harsh? Not really.

You’re not gonna “crush” it, you’re not gonna “pwn” it, you’re not gonna kill it or conquer it or lord over it like some sort of scowling fur-lined dragon-humping wizard from the Lost Kingdom of HR Pufnstuf Now Streaming on HBO.

Control is an illusion. Chaos is boring. There is no leaderboard. God doesn’t care a whit how you “feel” about… anything at all. In fact, your emotional response is, most often, what’s actually in the way of true awakening; it’s the thing that’s usually blocking you from a full expression of, well, You. And also, you know, anyone else.

Do not misundersand: Emotions are not, de facto, bad. But they are, most often, merely reactions to Reality, or interpretations of it, reframing present time reality in terms of how you respond to it. They are not Reality itself. At worst they are meth-grade numbing agents, violent detractors from the Truth, changing constantly, never able to hold still or bring any real grace. At best, they operate as a sort of subtle spiritual GSP, lighting up “right” and “wrong” (or “blocked” vs. “open”) pathways of flowing consciousness.

The essential teaching remains: Yoga, AKA “true reality,” has almost nothing to do with your feelings, your thoughts, or your hotly seductive sensory perceptions. It has everything to do with what happens, what arises when all that addictive bullshit noise, all that delightful grasping and competing and comparing and emoting, quiets the hell down and falls back, so you can do the hardest thing of all: Be still and listen.

God is always talking to you. As you. You just can’t stop yelling over her.

Mark Morford

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