This way to the resistance: Your guide to defying the Trumpocalypse

January 28, 2017 Originally published on SFGate

These are the groups. These are the resources, the publications, the articles, the essential tools, the warriors both veteran and upstart, each and every one dedicated to fighting the Trumpocalypse and advocating for human rights, civil liberties, the safety and dignity of immigrants, minorities and refugees, of the LGBT community, of women’s health, science, the arts, sanctuary, your own tremulous and terrified heart. Also hope, kindness and just the type of fundamental human decency that was spit upon and stomped to the ground on November 8th.

And let’s be absolutely clear: This is the time. It is, tragically and rather gruesomely, unlike any time in recent U.S. history, as the world bears sickened witness to America’s sudden lurch toward tyranny, toward a flatulent fascism like we’ve never really known, a complete upheaval and molestation of America’s truest values.

The assaults are coming fast and vicious. We are no longer a full democracy. It does not matter if you’re working-class or “elite,” midwestern or coastal, Repub or Dem, blue or red or anything in between: Trump means everyone ill.

I realize the following list might seem overwhelming. You must take sufficient time to filter, to pore through, to see where you can engage most successfully. Meditation helps tremendously. And yoga. And reconnecting with your immediate community, your loved ones, your local kula. Also, bourbon. Also, nature. Also, compassion. Raging, outraged, middle-finger compassion. You know the kind?

Do you have the time for any of this? Of course you do. You must have the time. You cannot be too busy. Not anymore. You cannot be too stressed or tired or “just not feeling it,” meekly hoping someone else will fix it all for you, will defend you and your family, your kids, your gay/black/Islamic/Latino/feminist/scientific/journalist friends, against Trump’s radioactive, sociopathic hatestorm. There is simply too much at stake.

Meet the near future. She will eat megalomaniacal, tiny-handed Trump-trolls like a goddamn Kraft Lunchable.

Meet the near future. She will eat megalomaniacal, tiny-handed Trump-trolls like a goddamn Kraft Lunchable.

Know this: There is tremendous power in unity. The awe-inspiring Women’s March revealed a global wellspring of fiery, compassionate solidary the likes of which the world hasn’t seen in decades, if ever. It was downright breathtaking. In short: The raw engine for real progress is there. And you are the fuel.

Does that sound cheesy? I don’t care. Do it anyway.

(Caveat: This list is, naturally, by no means complete, nor is it intended to be so. I leave it to those who create/operate these resources to spur you to more specific actions, the most effective ways to use your energy, time and money. Read thoroughly. Dig deep. Add your own orgs and sites and methods. Send me more suggestions, both local and national, and I’ll add them to the list. We are in this fight together).

Start with:

Scientists march on Washington (Facebook/email updates)
Smart people are dangerous. If tyranny is to succeed, smart people and their books, science, know-how, college degrees and clever ideas to keep us all alive must be shut down in favor of 5th-grade gruntspeak and “alternative facts.” This is the Trump ethos.

Already, a new march has been planned (date TBA) in defiance of Trump’s unprecedented crackdown on the EPA, on climate science, the USDA, HHS, all communications from national parks, threats against NASA, et al.

Don’t f-ck with science, Orange Monster. They know how you breathe. Get your clever signs ready.

Join, donate, support, participate
Set up automatic monthly donations. Get their newsletters. Attend local chapter meetings. Note actionable items on their websites. The ACLU alone is gathering a Constitutional Defense Fund to battle Trump’s vicious attacks and needs immediate financial help. Flip them $10 a month? Planned Parenthood has never been under such scathing duress from the gleefully misogynistic GOP. They can tell you who to call, right now. There are multiple ways you can help.

These are some of the larger, most essential groups doing some of the most vital work (bonus: many supported/co-sponsored the Women’s March). Read, join, donate, engage:

Activism & related resources

Women’s March: 10 Actions in 100 Days
Don’t you know? The rally was just the beginning. It’s now a global movement. Join it.

Indivisible Guide: “A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda.” Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.

The 65: Essential list of actionable issues for the 65 million who didn’t vote for the Orange Monster, and the millions of others who will, very soon, really regret doing so.

Swing Left: Aiming at the House. Because the 2018 mid-terms are coming fast – Five calls a day to make your voice heard. Specific names, numbers, scripts you can use right now.

Resistance Manual: Open-source Wiki covering the most pressing issues, updated regularly.

Run For Something: Yes, you

SecureDrop: Directory of anonymous online drop points set up by various news orgs for safe sharing of insider information. This is where you go when you have the tapes, the docs, the leaks that will bring down the rancid fascist demons. You listening, members of EPA, USDA, HDD, NASA, Trump’s staff, et al?

ProPublica: Journalism in the public interest. Re-dedicated to fighting Trump’s idiotic “alterative facts,” and beyond. (Facebook)

Rogue Twitter accounts: On Tuesday there were 14. As of this writing there are more than 50, in the first week alone. This is how bad. NASA, HHS, EPA, FDA, national parks, you name it – they’re all tweeting the scariest thing of all in the Age of Trump: Facts.

And these are scientists. With PhDs. It’s a sudden swarm of anonymous (“rogue”) Twitter accounts, set up by very nervous members of federal science-based agencies in response to Trump’s threats, stabs and overt muzzling of fact, funding and scientific research across numerous agencies.

All a matter of hours. Don’t fuck with science, President Cheeto

Are they all legit? Who’s running them? Can they be trusted? No way to know, just yet. But so far, they’re all kinds of amazing, and seem to be one hell of a potent counter-attack. After all, no one said the rebellion wouldn’t be a little messy… and hugely ironic, given Trump’s fetish for tweeting hateful bulls–t. Follow them all.

Signal (app) – Private, secure, untraceable text messaging. Ideal for muzzled/threatened federal workers, scientists, aides, muckrakers, journalists and, of course, Russian hookers who might have video of themselves peeing on/in front of the president in a Moscow hotel, and so on. Reporters are standing by.

News & Guts: Dan Rather, the legendary veteran reporter who posted one of the better, more frightening viral commentaries on FB few days ago, has launched a media production company. Dude is 85 years old. Absolutely worth following. Also on Facebook.

Charity Navigator: Guide to intelligent giving.

Inspiring reading

Phone numbers for all Trump hotels around the world (since Trump has yet to re-staff the White House public phone lines), for when you want to complain, tell him off, or book a room to urinate on.

Stay informed: Newsletters

Don’t freak out

Got something to add? A worthy tool, essential app, guide, technique, personal anecdote of what you do, every day, to galvanize and stay healthy, fearless, #antitrump? Let me know.


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