Trump Impeachment Watch: “Mother of all bombs” edition

May 2, 2017 Originally published on SFGate

Did it work? Were you distracted? By “the mother of all bombs” (MOAB, which actually stands for Massive Ordnance Air Blast, which is no less juvenile) the thoroughly grotesque, $16-million, 11-ton monster of doom our very own orange monster of doom sort of maybe allowed to have dropped on ISIS caves, killing a few dozen Islamic fighters (at a cost of, oh, about $450,000 per) and creating hundreds more in instantly raging counter-recruitment?

It was, as breathlessly reported just about everywhere, “the largest non-nuclear device ever dropped by American forces,” which sounds impressive, but actually isn’t, considering its absurd expense and near-complete ineffectiveness at actually changing anything – but mostly considering how the bomb will ultimately fail its primary task – eliminating the endless delights of #RussiaGate, AKA the imminent impeachment gift that keeps on giving.

Be not distracted. Not by Trump’s spitwad-grade understanding of military and foreign policy, nor any other of his acts of buffoonery and moral violence of the week – like China’s president forced to school our imbecile-in-chief on basic North Korean relations, or Trump’s complete reversal on the value of NATO, or his signing of a vicious law – in secret, of course – allowing states to completely defund Planned Parenthood, because women are very important to the president the way a bird is important to a shotgun.

Be hereby advised: Neither Trump’s vicious incompetence nor his macho, phallic posturing are any sort of match for what’s coming in the Russia investigation, as evidenced by the endlessly gathering storm-clouds of intel constantly swirling, surging, quieting down for an hour only to leap into view all over again, much to the orange goblin’s dismay.

Here’s a nice, current headline, from Slate, retweeted by savvy wonks everywhere and only slightly/temporarily overshadowed by MoaB coverage:

Guardian Report Claims U.S. Has “Concrete Evidence” of Trump-Russia Collusion

Or this one, from Esquire’s Charles Piece – “Carter Page feels like a warning shot” – referencing a very dramatic leak about one of Trump’s slimiest advisers (which is saying a lot), as expertly reported by the Washington Post, that maybe isn’t really a leak, and is more like a very specific bit of foreshadowing:

But more significant to me, anyway, is the fact that all of this leaked—the warrant and the specific individual against whom it was filed. This just doesn’t happen. This can’t be anything but a warning shot from the intelligence community. We know, and you know we know, so how about you watch your step for a while?

And that’s just the recent fragments. All these hot-buttons of evidence, and they are everywhere and they are legion, they continue to feel like fast-closing net.

How fast? How much longer will it take until the evidence is sufficiently overwhelming? A month? A year? Can we survive that long? No way to tell. Soon, is all the world really wants.

Death also comes in bright shiny orange, not just the pallid, sickly shade of POTUS

And what will happen then? Will it simply result in the alternative nightmare of President Pence, still quite evil but most definitely the lesser of two evils? Or will Trump’s imminent collapse drag his troll army down with him, and devastate the already unstable, wildly unpopular GOP infrastructure? Have you placed your bets in Vegas?

Let us withhold excessive prognosticating. One thing we’ve learned: Unhinged is the new MO, volatility is the new normal, and this administration, with its nasty, rules-crushing GOP in bloody tow, is capable of just about anything – more giant bombs? War with Syria? Nuclear showdown with North Korea? – to try and distract you, me, the MSM, the FBI and world intel agencies from the obvious truth everyone already knows: that the president is a strange, deeply grotesque Russian mole who loathes the world and can barely locate Russia on a map. Let us pray.

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