Symbiosis 2017: Oregon Eclipse

Thoroughly delighted to be co-teaching this fantastic training with my spiritual soul-sister, Suzanne Sterling, as part of her legendary Voice of Change weeklong immersion, happening August 11-16 (my portion: 14-16)

The Voice of Change immersion leads straight into to the full Symbiosis Festival (they’re conjoined), happening August 17-21. Damn, what a week.

I’ll be teaching a modified version of my long-running Yoga for Writers (and Creatives) workshop, focusing on ritual, authentic expression, techniques and exercises (and vigorous asana) to help not merely locate, but furiously brightened and deepen your connection to Source, to unique expression, unadulterated (well, less adulterated, anyway) by ego, doubt and fear, grip and want.

Voice of Change immersion details here.

Full festival details: