Yoga Alchemy: Weekend Immersion

With Mark Morford & Mark Anthony Haviland

Saturday April 22nd & Sunday April 23rd  |  9:00am – 4:35pm

Perennial Yoga – Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Cost: $200




This is the kind of workshop that changes everything.

Join one of the Bay Area’s premier yoga instructors (and most celebrated writers), Mark Morford, and one of its most sought-after healers/bodyworkers, Mark Haviland, for a uniquely galvanizing, transformational workshop like no other. It’s where potent Vinyasa, lucid dharma and authentic physio-emotional healing intersect and dance and make you do weird things with your ego.

The two Marks
The two Marks

Included: Two fiery Vinyasa classes, compelling bodywork demos and hands-on techniques, real-world (anti-fluffy) yoga philosophy and functional ritual, ego-clearing writing exercises (taken from Mark M’s pioneering ‘Yoga for Writers’ workshop series), mantras and meridians, deep tissue and light wordplay, sweat and breath, introspection and laughter. And more.

We call it ‘alchemy’ because you won’t leave in the same state you came in. It’s just that kind of weekend. We hope you can join us.

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