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COVID UPDATE: Sighingly, the mask mandate is back in effect in the Bay Area, effective Tuesday August 3. ALL IN-STUDIO CLASSES WILL CONTINUE AS PLANNED for the immediate future, but of course masks will be required/expected for everyone (including me), as well as vaccines, because obviously.

Hey, it’s yoga. You roll with reality as it unfolds. Doesn’t mean you’re always going to love it. – mm

I’m delighted to announce my return to regularly scheduled, LIVE FULLY VACCINATED IN-PERSON IN-STUDIO APOCALYPSE BE DAMNED I-CAN’T-QUITE-BELIEVE-IT-EITHER teaching, beginning SUNDAY, AUGUST 8th at 9:00AM at Yoga Flow’s lovely Ocean studio, immediately followed by Monday and Wednesday eves which is of course THREE new and improved classes per week, thusly:

  • Sunday Service – 9AM All Levels
  • Monday Deep Flow – 6:30PM All Levels
  • Wednesday Deep Flow – 6:30PM All Levels

Reminder: These are vigorous, athletic (read: not for the faint of attitude), spiritually intoxicated 90-minute practices designed to invigorate the body, ignite the spirit and howl lullabies of divine love into the doomsday Void. Simple, really.

Yoga Flow: Ocean
385 Ashton Ave, SF



Register now. Register tomorrow. Register in the shower. Let’s stomp our feet and sing our feral longings to the gods of fate and love, altogether. And then, savasana. OK?

Mark Morford

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