Yoga Flow SF Schedule

NOTE: All my classes at Yoga Flow SF are currently ON HIATUS whilst I live in/traipse around Central America with my family. Hopefully returning to in-studio teaching around mid-2023. Until then, see you on YogaDownload, Zoom, and on retreat. -mm

I’m delighted to announce my 2021-2022 in-studio teaching schedule at Yoga Flow Ocean, thusly:

  • Sunday Service – 9AM All Levels
  • Monday Deep Flow – 6:30PM All Levels
  • Wednesday Deep Flow – 6:30PM All Levels

Reminder: These are vigorous, athletic (read: not for the faint of attitude), spiritually intoxicated 90-minute practices designed to invigorate the body, ignite the spirit and howl lullabies of divine love into the doomsday Void. Simple, really.

Yoga Flow: Ocean
385 Ashton Ave, SF



Register now. Register tomorrow. Register in the shower. Let’s stomp our feet and sing our feral longings to the gods of fate and love, altogether. And then, savasana. OK?

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