“Fracking for the cure”? Susan G. Komen gets it all wrong, again

October 14, 2014 Originally published on SFGate


Here’s a question: Is the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation insane? More tone deaf than the NFL, the GOP and Fox News, combined? Just doesn’t give a damn anymore? It would appear so.

How else to explain that, a scant two years after the infamous pink-everything cancer foundation insulted all intelligent women everywhere by yanking its support for Planned Parenthood (and then frantically reinstating it, and then dumping its CEO, and then having a very public meltdown/shame session that nearly destroyed the organization’s reputation forever), all of which was only a couple years after teaming up with that beloved bastion of healthy eating, Kentucky Fried Chicken – here they are again, joining forces with a company that specializes in, uh, ripping apart the earth so violently, it can cause earthquakes.

This is a tape worm. Because apparently NO ONE ELSE at Komen considered the visual similarity

That’s right, it’s time for “fracking for the cure,” the Komen foundation’s latest mortifying PR move, which unites Team Pink with Baker Hughes, a multinational oilfield services company that specializes in slamming giant drills up to 10,000 feet into the earth and then forcibly “deep injecting” her with millions of gallons of water, chemicals, poisons and detergents. You know, “for the cure.”

By the way, feel free to imagine all the creepy phallic/parasitic worm/nightmare sex toy imagery you want as you look at those massive, hot pink drill bits, the ones Baker Hughes had painted just for the occasion. Perhaps, like me, you can’t help but wonder: “Really? Did no one, really no one at Komen, at the PR agency, at any marketing meeting anywhere raise a feeble, trembling hand to say, ‘You know, I think this might be a really bad idea?’”

What, too suggestive? You must be a pervert

What, too suggestive? You must be a pervert

Just for clarification: Fracking is one of the most poisonous, environmentally brutal energy extraction techniques currently in use. Loathed quite nearly worldwide (most notably in all of Europe), fracking requires millions of gallons of water per operation, and often spits millions of gallons of toxic wastewater right back out (the industry has, reportedly, illegally dumped billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into central California’s aquifers). It is not safe, nor healthy, nor any sort of activity you want to associate yourself with if you consider yourself an advocate for living life free of disease and contamination.

Shut up and eat your poison, hippie

Shut up and eat your poison, hippie

But let’s be fair – Baker Hughes appears to have noble intentions, at least. They claim they want their macho roughneck drilling crews to open those giant pink crates, the ones with the creepy pink drill bits inside, and not immediately launch into a round of raunchy, big-dick jokes, but rather, read some of the breast-cancer paraphernalia inside and maybe learn something about the disease that affects their wives and girlfriends. I mean, I guess.

But, come on. Who’s insulting whom? The 100 grand Komen is getting from Hughes isn’t worth being linked to a company, and an industry, that cares as much for the planet as Texas cares for women’s rights. It’s like Greenpeace whoring itself to Exxon to raise awareness for bluefin tuna. It’s like Michael Pollan kissing Monsanto’s ring for a new charity cookbook.

It sends but one message and one message only: “Dear donor – You’re a fracking moron.”

Komen's next campaign. Watch for it.

Komen’s next campaign. Watch for it.


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