House Dems stage sit-in to force vote on gun control

June 24, 2016 Originally published on SFGate

House Democrats, led by Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga) staged a rather unprecedented sit-in/protest, all over the floor of the House, merely in order to force a vote on what might be the meekest, most ridiculously obvious, no-brainer bill in American history, the bipartisan “no fly, no gun” bill, that would prohibit anyone on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from purchasing a firearm.

You’d think that would be a no-brainer, but we’re dealing with congress here – or, more specifically, a relentlessly heartless Republican party, ever at the heel of the brutally well-organized, dictatorial National Rifle Association, which has a stranglehold on the gun debate and commands the GOP’s every inaction on the even the most modest changes.

“Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes you have to make a way out of no way. We have been too quiet for too long,” the Democratic civil rights leader said. “There comes a time when you have to say something, when you have to make a little noise, when you have to move your feet. This is the time. Now is the time to get in the way. The time to act is now. We will be silent no more.”

This it what it takes to move even a millimeter on gun control in America, despite the brutal massacre of 49 people in Orlando and the deaths of countless thousands every year. But hey, at least they’re working. And trying to use social media. God bless ’em.

Everybody on the floor! Now, who knows how to tweet?

Everybody on the floor! Now, who knows how to tweet?

Meanwhile, House majority leader Paul Ryan, who controls the session, immediately ordered the C-SPAN cameras turned off, because he’s just that classy. But they can’t shut down Twitter, or Periscope.

As Mother Jones points out, “John Lewis was a leader in the 1960s civil rights movement and helped organize sit-in demonstrations to challenge segregation laws.” He’s rather amazing.

Watch on Periscope, or follow on Twitter via the #GoodTrouble and #NoBillNoBreak hashtag.

Thank you John Lewis for leading on gun violence where we need it most.

— President Obama (@POTUS) June 22, 2016

This is what House Republicans don’t want you to see! From the House floor. #NoBillNoBreak

— Jared Huffman (@JaredHuffman) June 22, 2016

John Lewis will be remembered a long, long time from now.
— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) June 22, 2016

.@HouseGOP has gaveled a few times but we’re still here. In fact, there are more of us. #NoBillNoBreak

— Elizabeth Esty (@RepEsty) June 22, 2016

After the worst mass shooting in US history, Congress still refuses to act. We’ll be here until that changes.

— Rep. Scott Peters (@RepScottPeters) June 22, 2016

.@ChrisMurphyCT began a movement with his filibuster. Now the House wants a chance to vote too #NoMoreSilence

— Rep. John Larson (@RepJohnLarson) June 22, 2016

Sometimes you have to get in the way. You have to make some noise by speaking up and speaking out against injustice & inaction #goodtrouble

— John Lewis (@repjohnlewis) June 22, 2016

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